Skills and behaviors that enable entrepreneurs to succeed

Research at Harvard Business School by Lynda Applegate, Janet Kraus and Timothy Butler takes a unique approach to understanding the behaviors and skills of successful entrepreneurs. through HBS work knowledge What makes the entrepreneur successful? Is this the brilliant technique of Bill Gates? The obsessive attention to the user experience of Steve Jobs? The vision,…Read More

A quarter of entrepreneurs in the United States are immigrants

According to a recent study by William Kerr and Sari Pekkala Kerr, immigrants make up 15% of the United States’ total population, but they become entrepreneurs much more often. by Michael Blanding The debates about the pros and cons of immigrant entrepreneurs to the US economy are hot, but one thing they lack stubbornly: the…Read More

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Break the rules on how to do business

Julia B. Austin believes that small changes in the way you do business inside and outside the company can help you attract bright employees and innovate. by Julia B. Austin Taking a risk by breaking with the standard way of working can Your company more innovative. Credit: maxsattana In addition to creating a new company…Read More

Business solutions that help to reduce food waste

Up to 40 percent of food grown in the US for human consumption is wasted. According to José Alvarez, solutions are being developed by retailers, farmers, academics, policymakers and social organizations. by Dina Gerdeman Up to 40 percent of food grown in the United States for humans Consumption is wasted. Source: Eivaisla After decades of…Read More

Where can regulation help small businesses? Online Loans

The regulatory system that oversees the financial technology sector is a bunch of different agencies and inconsistent rules. Karen Mills and Brayden McCarthy propose a six-point plan to regulate credit online. by Karen Mills and Brayden McCarthy The election of Donald Trump shifted Washington’s political debate on financial services overnight. Recent signs, such as the…Read More

It’s hard to repair the family business without offending the family

Navigating complex relationships and understanding unwritten processes is one of many challenges in moving from family business to next generation. Len Schlesinger, Michael Raiche and Roger Zhu discuss the dilemma of a small Vietnamese restaurant in the case study by Pho Hoa Dorchester. by Julia Hanna Photo of Transition pho soup in the direction of…Read More